2D platformer engine using LÖVE and Lua

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Boxclip is a 2D platformer engine, with an emphasis on interactive map editing. Built using the LÖVE2D framework.

Maps can be created with the custom built-in map editor. Simply drop and place entities into the world to create a level.


Get the development branch

$ git clone --recursive

NOTE: if you download the generated “zip” archive, the game will fail to run, as submodules are not included with this method, you will need to run the above command to pull in the required submodules)

Run the game/engine

Install love2d (at least version 11.1), and simply type love . in the src/ directory or you can create a love executable which can be ran directly by using the Makefile:

$ make && make all



Visit the Wiki for help with game controls and editor tips.


You can get the latest release builds from here.

Using the editor

(click the image to play) youtube


Please note this is alpha software, there is no stable release yet. Currently the plans are to have a box collision based world with a map editor, and simple path-based enemies. This may change at any time!